Sunday, July 10, 2016

Book Blitz The Soul Knows by Desraye Halon

The Soul Knows
Desraye Halon

Genre: Spiritual, Nonfiction

The Soul Knows goes in depth explaining my own awakening, ascension, channeling, energies and self healing to help others. I was born with psychic intuition and have learned how to use my gifts to help others. I have gone through two deaths in my life and have been revived back to life to give insight to what is beyond. I have also gone through a rude spiritual awakening to who and what I am and the whole of everything. I have and still receive conscious channeled information from my higher self, angels, my guides and other higher beings. This is about knowing who you truly are from within and remembering who you are. As millions of people around the world have already remembered or awakened to who they are, but not sure where to turn for answers, of the how, who, where, what and why. This has the answers to help you, a family member or friends to know how to handle a spiritual awakening and everything that comes with it. To dealing with the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of it.

Author Bio:

Desraye Halon is a spiritual helper, writer and artist in Phoenix, AZ. She has written three books,recently finishing her newest book, The Soul Knows. She goes in depth website to give free information to all about spirits, energies, dimensions and beyond. Her intuition includes a knowing, talking to her guides and angels. She does see, hear and feel spirits and their energy. She works with energy to heal. She has some of her artwork displayed in the downtown Phoenix, AZ area. 

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