Review Policy

Review Policy for Bookjunkie’s Book Reviews.

I am interested in reviewing books from most any genre.  I am not really particularly interested in self-help or business oriented books but I still may consider it.  I really do not come across books that I do not like.  I can find something good and bad about every book.  With that being said getting a 10/10 rating will be next to impossible so a 9 is an exceptionally good book.  If I read it I will review it and I will post said reviews.  I will have good and bad reviews for books on this blog.  If you get a bad review I am sorry but the good parts just did not outweigh the bad for me.

Authors/Publishers  -  If you would like for me to review a book I will gladly do so.  However, this does not guarantee a GOOD review I will state my opinions.  I will not be derogatory about the book but I will be honest about my feelings.

If you would like for me to review your book either in physical form or ebook form please use the contact me form.