Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Blitz Piper, Once & Again by Caroline E. Zani

Piper, Once & Again
By Caroline E. Zani
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description
Longing for something just beyond her grasp... A successful equine insurance agent living in 21st century Massachusetts, Piper struggles with relationships, patience, scents, and living in 19th century France. Follow Piper on a journey. . . through time, unconditional love, unbearable loss, unbelievable discovery, and a question of forgiveness, as she intuitively  learns to see, smell, and feel the messages all around her. Only through tragedy does she begin to learn the lesson she needs to help her uncover the truth. After a teary confession from her elderly father she sets out on a quest to find the one man who can help her understand the reason she is Piper, once and again.

Author Bio
Caroline E. Zani is a spirit medium and author quite by chance.  After  experiencing a life-altering event she realized that there is more to life than she ever learned in school or church.  She loves nothing more than to work with people who come to her feeling lost and broken and showing them the amazing gift of intuition they didn’t know they had.  Through readings, workshops and classes she walks a path that allows her to guide others as they walk theirs.  Her debut novel Piper, Once and Again was written just prior to the experiences that led her to this path and for that she is eternally grateful.  She resides in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and many four-legged friends.
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