Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review 23: Block 10

***Content Warning*** This book does contain rape while not described it does happen.

Block 10. Stacy Childs with David Niall Wilson. Narrated by Cory M Snow. 2015. [May] Crossroad Press. 9 hours 50 minutes. [Source:Audioblast]

First sentence:  Luke shambled through the Toulon-Hy√®res Airport like a zombie.

Premise/Plot: - From Goodreads - Luke Cooper dreamed of flying. He was an Olympic caliber skier with a bright future, when a freak accident ruined his knee and sent him into suicidal depression. A stranger, Dr. Henri de Salvo, gave him a reason to live, and a new set of "wings," thanks to an experimental medical treatment. With new focus, Luke turned to a career in medicine, a career that led him to accept an invitation to a secluded clinic in France where de Salvo continued his cutting edge - if morally questionable work.

Lured by the chance to help other athletes recover their lives, intoxicated by a world of smooth cognac, beautiful women and dark intrigue, Luke finds himself drawn into another world. De Salvo has a shadowed past, and powerful enemies, and the French city of Toulon has it's dark side. Through amazing medical breakthroughs, run-ins with the Corsican mob, and clubs where men fight for big money - and women, he searches for his own path. The question is, will he survive the journey, and can he live up to the age old medical adage, "First, do no harm," while following the message of his own heart - "First, do something..."

My thoughts:  Let’s see.  I enjoyed the narration by Cory Snow I thought he did an excellent with the different voices for the different characters.  I liked the medical part of the story.  I would have preferred more medical and less fighting, mafia, and even sex.  The medical theory was excellent but I felt like it was more secondary then primary to the story.  I will actually read this book to evaluate it in written form vs. audio.  I think some books possibly much different reading instead of listening.  The characters were all very well developed and the plot complicated enough to be enjoyable without being overwhelmingly so. 

Rating 6/10

Recommendation Violent, mafia, sexual content you will like this if you like those things.

*I received a digital review copy for free from the publisher courtesy of Audioblast in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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