Monday, July 6, 2015

Review 20: Man Eaters: The Last Refuge

Man Eaters: The Last Refuge. Thomas Jacob. 2015. [April] CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 216 Pages. [Source:Amazon Purchase]

First sentence: The KG-D6 experiment is a success!

Premise/Plot: From Goodreads - The age of man is over. The age of the man eater has begun.

It's Year 3 of the Great Infection and the human race is on the brink of extinction. Seven foot man eaters roam the world, preying on anything that moves.

The Neneks are a tribe of reindeer herders living in the remote Siberian Arctic. Katya, a 15 year old boy, the son of the chieftain, comes of age in the midst of growing threats to his nomadic tribe.

After his father's sudden death, he has to lead the tribe and a ragtag group of American high school survivors across the Tundra safely. Everything is complicated when he falls in love with the beautiful Kiara.

Battling enormous odds, as he fights for his loved ones, he realizes that the greatest danger the group faces might be from the monsters within themselves.

This is a coming of age story set in a post-apocalyptic world.

My thoughts:  This book is a very quick and satisfying read.  I wish it had been longer but it has whet my appetite for more books set in this world.  The characters were believably flawed.  You had villains and no I don’t mean the man eaters I mean the humans; then you had the heroes of the story bringing their people to a relative safety.  Reading this made me both glad to not be living up in the frozen wastelands of Russia and also worried because if something inexplicable like this actually happened I would have no where to hide.

Rating 8/10

Recommendation:  Zombie fans and fans of dystopian apocalyptic futuristic fiction

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