Monday, April 27, 2015

Review 1: Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement

Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement. Steve Goodwin. 2013. [December] Software Development Pty Ltd. Pages 325. [Source: Ebook purchased]

First sentence:  “What is your name?”  Elijah looked around, puzzled.

Premise/Plot:  Elijah Hael has died.  The journey has not ended in fact it has only begun.  We will follow him as he rewatches the highs and the lows of his life.  Then its time to see what the rest of the journey is for Elijah.

My thoughts:  I truly enjoyed reading this book!  I found that I had an incredibly hard time putting it down.  The pacing was good there were a few points where the pace felt a little off for me because it would get fast then slow down then speed back up, but overall it was a great read.  I felt that the authors take on what happens around us that we don’t see was quite interesting.  I have found myself talking about this book to people quite a bit.

Recommend:  Absolutely!  I already have been

Rating 9/10

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