Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Books I'm Currently Reading

So I am currently reading a few different books.  I am reading so many at one time because I read in several different locations
  1. Love’s Conqueror by Renee Hand - This was a little slow starting but I am really finding myself enjoying this the longer I read. (Review copy ebook)

  1. Elijah Hael The Genetic Code by Steve Goodwin - Starting this one tonight.  Looking forward to this book after reading the first one. (Review copy paperback)

  1. Large is the Smallest We’ve Got by Jed Hamilton - I have read the first part and I must say I am intrigued! (Review copy ebook)

  1. Nano by Robin Cook - One of my all-time favorite authors so I am looking forward to how this will play out. (Purchased)

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