Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Book Tour The Black Sheep Shadow by Ashley Terrell w/ Guest Interview

Today I have the pleasure of hosting a tour stop for The Black Sheep Shadow, on top of that we have the author with us answering some questions.

Non Fiction / Self-Help / Memoir
Date Published: April 19, 2016
The city lights blind your amazement. The sound of the traffic challenges you to be alive. Families ask bystanders to make magic and capture the moment with photographs. Newly engaged couples seal their union by kissing under shooting stars while loving by crossing their hearts.

But if your heart was under arrest, wouldn't you want to embrace something to feel like others?

Go insider the world of one courageous sheep as she discovers that her heart was under attack by darkness. As she travels on a spiritual journey to understanding her purpose, overcoming the undertones of low confidence, self-acceptance, and the importance of inspiration, she rose against the odds with forgiveness and strengthening her faith.

Can you tell us a little about yourself (not in the bio)?
I'm an author with a burning desire to help others .... 

What is your guilty pleasure, I can’t miss it TV show?   
Black Ink Crew on Vh1. 

What is one bad habit you would like to break?
My bad habit was relinquishing my anger. I look at life and my actions differently now. I have other things to do that are more important. In essence, I don't get angry. I'll continue to move forth. 

If you could go anywhere real or fictional where would it be?
I really want to go to Italy, just to eat their food to write about it on my food blog, Talk with Stella.

What is your favorite genre to read?   
My favorite genre HAS to be self-help or self-improvement. When bettering yourself, you lean more on what will allow you to grow proactively rather than learning re-actively - within the act. Huge difference in your end result. 

Who is your favorite author?
I have too many. That wouldn't be fair .... My number one spot is tied with:  Life coach(es), Valorie Burton and John Maxwell, Joel O'Steen, Joyce Meyer, myself and anything juicy.

Paperbacks, hardcovers, or ebooks?
Definitely paperbacks, though I love hard covers. eBooks, I like, however, I'm old school. I want to HOLD the book, not the device.

What inspired you to write “The Black Sheep Shadow”?  

For years, I wanted to change. Within those years, I hoped to see a difference for the better in the world around us - around me! In The Black Sheep Shadow, there were many instances [male and female] readers can relate to. We need to begin to see our story as a revealing truth for who we are to become, not for the person we are often are told that we remain. That is not true. I found that when you persevere and push through, the season and storm settle. This affords you the opportunity of becoming a better person or staying the same. You see what I am saying? When you press through your dilemma, you find YOU hoped for a new starting point. It was granted to you!! WE CHOOSE to remain stagnant or want better. The Black Sheep Shadow uncovers the undertones that molds us into thinking this is okay.  If it takes one person to change the world, understand they have to start somewhere. The Black Sheep Shadow inspired me to share my journey to help others.

When you start writing do you follow a ‘traditional’ writing process or do you just write and then go back and then solidify everything?
My writing style is flexible. It depends on what I am writing and the influence.

Do you currently have anything in the works?  If so can you give us any hints?
I have a few things in the works.. (laughs). Hints? Sure, .. it'll be available SOON.

If you could only give one piece of advice whether it be worldly, writing, or common sense what would it be?   
Halos or shackles? Life is what you choose for it to be....

Ashley Terrell is the founder of Stella Bistro Foods and Black Sheep Inc. Terrell is the host and co-director of Cooking with Stella (2016).  She resides on the East Coast where she enjoys blissful sunsets and sounds of ocean waves.

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