Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review 35: Remember to Forget

Remember to Forget (Revised and Expanded). Ashley Royer. 2016. [April] Publisher Blink. Pages 304 [Source: Netgalley]

First sentence:

When I was younger, I loved when it rained.  I liked running outside and jumping in the puddles and splashing through the streets.

From Amazon:

In Remember to Forget from Watty Award-winning author Ashley Royer, Levi has refused to speak since the tragic death of his girlfriend, Delia, and can't seem to come out of his depression and hindering self-doubt. Desperate to make some positive change in Levi’s life, his mother sends him to live with his father in Maine. Though the idea of moving from Australia to America seems completely daunting, Levi passively accepts his fate, but once he lands faces personal struggles and self-doubt at the same time he and his dad battle through resentment and misunderstanding. And then, while at therapy, Levi meets Delilah, a girl who eerily reminds him of someone he lost.

My thoughts:

Let me start this by saying how emotionally powerful this story truly is at least it was for me, granted I am not sure if it was the writing or the pregnancy hormones that are ride rough shod over my system, I personally am going to give the credit to the author as that is where I truly believe it belongs.  As with other reviewers I did not start off liking the main character Levi however, within a few chapters I was finding myself more and more intrigued by him and his reasoning for becoming totally silent.  The growth of Levi from the beginning of the book until the end is amazing and believable.  I cried several, yes several times during the course of this book.  Any author regardless of age that is able to bring me to tears is remarkable.  The story of loss and growth and mourning were so believable.  The descriptions were well written and I had no problem envisioning what she was trying to convey.  I do not give out 10/10 very often but, this novel deserves nothing less than that!

The good:  The character development, the pacing, the story, basically everything.

The bad:  Nothing I truly find nothing to complain about.

Rating 10/10

Recommendation: Absolutely, if you like a good tear jerker and emotional ride then look no further and pick up this book!

*I received a digital review copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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