Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review 7: Nano

Nano. Robin Cook. 2012. [December] Putnam. 436. [Source: Purchased]

First sentence:  The cyclist decided to go for a relaxing ride - the real training would resume on Tuesday, after he underwent more medical tests.

Premise/Plot:  From Goodreads - After a tumultuous year in which her mentor is murdered and her estranged father comes back into her life, Pia Grazdani, the embattled medical student from Death Benefit, decides to take a year off from her medical studies and escape New York City. Intrigued by the promise of the burgeoning field of medical technology and the chance to clear her head, Pia takes a job at Nano, LLC, a lavishly funded, security-conscious nanotechnology insititute in the picturesque foothills of the Rockies. Nano, LLC is ahead of the curve in the competitive world of molecular manufacturing, including the construction of microbivores, tiny nano-robots with the ability to gobble up viruses and bacteria.

But the corporate campus is a place of secrets. She's warned by her boss not to investigate the other work being done at the gigantic facility, nor to ask questions about the source of the seemingly endless capital that funds the institute's research. And when Pia encounters a fellow employee on a corporate jogging path, suffering the effects of a seizure, she soon realizes she may have literally stumbled upon Nano LLC's human guinea pigs. Is the tech giant on the cusp of one of the biggest medical discoveries of the twenty-first century—a treatment option for millions—or have they already sold out to the highest bidder?

My thoughts:  Oh where to start where to start.  I love Robin Cook every book I have ever read by him has been spot on good.  And then there was Nano, I had a very hard time enjoying this story.  Let’s start with Pia Grazdani she is interesting actually not your typical heroine by any means she is extremely flawed and emotionally handicapped is a good description.  Then we have a couple of guys one that wants to be the love interest and the other who we are led to believe will be a love interest only to have the rug pulled out in a way I won’t say.  Then it’s on to the evil company with all the ‘bad guys’.  It just seemed to drag on and on with no real purpose as in I feel like we got a whole extra 100 pages easily due to the slow pace.  Then the last 50 or so pages flew by ending in the most anti-climatic endings I have ever had the misfortune to read.  I did enjoy the concept of the novel and I did enjoy some of the characters to be honest I did not dislike the characters or the story but more the length of the overall story is what really did me in, that and the ending did I mention that?  This is probably the hardest review I have written just because I truly love Robin Cook as an author and reading his books have always brought me great enjoyment and I will continue to read him just this one did nothing for me.

Rating 5.5/10

Recommendation: If you like slow paced drawn out stories then this is definitely for you!

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